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The epidemic of pornography

Pornography is silently destroying the lives of boys and girls, adults and the middle aged alike. It has successfully dismantled marriages and pulled apart families. It is corrupting priests and seminarians. It is making entry ways into convents and communities. It is invading every strata of human presence. Let us call spade a spade - Pornography is a disastrous epidemic of epic proportions.
What do we do about it? How do we protect ourselves and our young? How do we heal and restore those who are harmed by it. How to educate people about this intrinsically evil epidemic. How to empower them to willfully reject it?
In the divine design, man and women would enter into the sacred sexual union in the sacramental framework of marriage, fully prepared to become a gift to each other and become parents of the children their union begets, assuming responsibility, accepting hardships and challenges. This valiant marital commitment gave them meaning and purpose to their lives. 
Sexul union is…

The Second Honeymoon

You have entered into your married life with lots of colourful dreams, hoping for a lifetime of unending bliss. But things aren't the way you imagined. Hope is faded, dreams turned pale and the basket is lost somewhere in the attic. You are pulling on, hoping someday at least your kids will grow up and fulfil some of your left over dreams. Or you are secretly married your work, hobbies or business craving some fulfilment. You feel your partner is partly if not fully responsible for this situation. You feel you married the wrong person. There is a big vacuum within and you are tired of pretending.  Life has been unfair to you and you want to quit. You feel you deserve more. Yes you do.

Is it possible to restore your marriage? Answer is a resounding yes! Because the success of marriage does not depend on the goodness of the individuals involved. "What is impossible for man is possible for God"  Luke 18:27

Marriage is not a human arrangement but God's own idea. God ins…