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Subservient disposition

The undignified life of a slave is despicable!   Yet the truth is that every one of us is a slave. We are slaves either to what hold us in bondage or what sets us free. Our well being as slaves depends totally on the character of the master we serve. When we cover our eyes and pronounce darkness as our new master, the Light does not abandon us, but lingers through time, looking to dispel the darkness we retracted to, and re-expose us to the reality of true freedom. Freedom for a slave was possible only if someone paid the owner a huge price in exchange of the slave and then sets him free.  Jesus paid the price. He paid it with His own blood and redeemed us. It took the son of God, a role shift from “the creator” to “created”. From an embryo in the virgin’s womb to an adult, chiseling out grains of wood to make a living.  From a nomadic teacher who dared to question the fallacy of prominent men to the One who would finally restore all that is corrupted and convoluted though an uncond