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Insight into sexual drive

Next time when you have strong sexual drive, know that there is something in it to praise God. The desire is a God-given gift. It is absolutely good and acceptable to God. It is meant to give glory to the creator. It is meant for the loving union between husband and wife. It is meant to point us to our eternal union with God.  Then where is the problem?  The problem is:   The world has deceived us into thinking that when we have a sexual drive it has to be gratified somehow. Unlike hunger, unattended sexual desire does not have any dire consequence. World has manipulated our minds to associate sexual drives with the vices of pornography, masturbation, casual hookups, prostitution and other dangerous and soul crushing evils. It has gotten us to associate our sexual desires with specific body types, acts and fantasies.  World has fooled us into thinking that these vices are a neccessity to meet the natural needs of the human body and it is absolutely OK to indulge in them. They have bapt

The Eucharist and Marital love

The call to deny our self, take up the cross and follow Jesus must resound in our ears day and night, no matter what vocation we are chosen to lead. This is inevitably an invitation to the peak of Calvary to empty our self and give life to the other just as the Eucharist cures our soul and gives new life. Christ sealed the marital covenant with his church, by his self gift of the Eucharist [His body and blood], on the altar of the cross, embracing us into a one flesh union with Him. We who are united in the marital covenant, sealed by His blood [sacramentally] too become one flesh with our spouse, where the alter is - the bed. The sealant that consummates the marital covenant is sexual love, just as Eucharist is in the former. This union indeed is modeled on the mystery of the Holy Trinity. We too are made partakers of this mystery as Christ unites us to His body. The covenant Jesus sealed on the cross with us [the church] is renewed in every celebration of the Eucharist [Holy Mas