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Why I didn’t do it.

But primarily, the most shocking fact I would ever dare to bring to your notice would be something I would never want to tell you for the want of the desired security expected when a man explains undesirable matters to a contingent that not likely to understand the matter explained in a way it should be understood, taking into consideration; the people concerned are exposed to denial of the rights when they want it the most.

Malicious mind

Mind mulls over matters that matter to man whose maintenance measures to mere miles and miles with no smiles not even a smiley icon to mallet the smooth memories mildly down the malicious mind.

Mickey mouse

Mickey mouse’s mind is menial and full of mist in the midst of all the meningeal menace. Even the most modern members of the Macedonian motherhood mock Mickey for miming mongoose every morning. Mockery of Mickey is menially mean, a mishap and a mammoth mind game. Mind you.

A Great Thought

I thought my thoughts were what I thought while thinking about thoughts we think while thinking about thoughts.

Chatter that matter

Chatter that matter Is the patter the fatter But better is the mutter That's quieter like the butter

Gentle toddler

Twaddle of the toddler Swaddled in a mantle Coddled by the older Never he become gentle

House Mouse

In my house There is a mouse Quick and nimble Slick and simple He nibbles every pebble And garbles every rubble Such a noisy gabble He is a lot of trouble

Battle of the Beetles

Who can beat a Beetle? Can you budge him little? Though he looks so brittle Who will fight him a battle?

Dealing with my body

I follow the passions and desires of my body because Christ crucified does not become a reality in me. When I embrace Christ crucified and kiss the five holy wounds, I pledge to die to the deadly lures of the world and of the body. My body is mortal and temporal. I must not strive to gratify it's desires. Every time I replace one of these desires with a holy sacrifice, for the sake of Christ crucified, I glorify Jesus in my mortal body. Christ has no body, no hands, no feet, but mine. I must therefore do good and harbor no evil thoughts, deeds or projects within. Kiss the ground and embrace the holy wounds of Christ, in times of temptations. Holy Mother of God, the abode of purity, extends to us, a great deal of grace, through Jesus, her son, to overcome occasions of sin. I must deal with my body as if I would with my dog. Tame it. Give it what it really needs and not more. We don't let the dog control us. Instead we decide for them and they obey. We are their masters, howev