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Did we not invite this for ourselves!

Today, in Delhi, the capital of India, hundreds of women are shouting slogans and staging mass protests desperately seeking protection of their kind from guess who, men!. The slogans say " Teach men how to respect woman", " Woman are not objects of Pleasure" and likes. The very men whom God ordained to protect, nourish, respect and honor woman is now destroying, plundering and devastating womanhood. Men have stooped so low giving themselves to the carnal desires of the flesh objectifying and utilizing woman, thus doing exactly opposite of what was expected of them. As this horror unloose in front of our eyes, there already in full power, behind the curtains, takes place murder of thousands of innocent babies in the name of freedom, career and pleasure. They have sugar coated it and called it "planned parenthood". The very mothers who are ordained to protect, nourish, respect and honor new-born children are now the ones who consent with men to brutally t

Birth control, a deeper reflection

These days, the common thoughts that troubles any married people are the likes below: Is this relationship worth? Will this marriage work? I'm I not risking my future committing to be with this man /woman- forever? Should I sacrifice my career, freedom, well being and all that just to have babies? Second kid? More kids!!!? I can’t manage even the only one I have. Everything seems to fall apart. How can I save my marriage? Is this is my fate. Will I have to live my whole life in misery. Have I become a burden? Can I ever be a good dad or husband? Will I be able to make enough money to meet the rising expenses? The list is endless… If we closely analyze these worries, we will begin to see the following. We have assumed that it is tough to make marriages work. Success in marriage is no longer looked upon as the success of the “fruitfulness of marriage” but individual success - where success is defined by the amount of money and position one is earns in a life time. We have becom

Sharing in the life of God!

Christian living becomes cumbersome and boring if we lack the most fundamental element - that is to have a relationship with God. We, as Children of God are created to share in the very life of God. We are redeemed by Jesus and made once again capable of profound communion with God. People who do not recognize this original call and purpose of all human persons, assumes himself to be a mediocre and insignificant creature who then ought to fight, struggle and make his presence felt by wielding his own might and power. Such a life is found to be self seeking and is thus detrimental to the other. Someone always needs to loose - for him to pedal up. Life remains a burden in the absence of a personal relationship with God. Even the most cherished inter personal relationships we relish are so because of God's relationship with us. The very God-given gift inherited by all human beings is our capacity to offer ourselves as a gift (sacrifice) to the other. This very capacity is the rea