Sharing in the life of God!

Christian living becomes cumbersome and boring if we lack the most fundamental element - that is to have a relationship with God. We, as Children of God are created to share in the very life of God. We are redeemed by Jesus and made once again capable of profound communion with God.

People who do not recognize this original call and purpose of all human persons, assumes himself to be a mediocre and insignificant creature who then ought to fight, struggle and make his presence felt by wielding his own might and power. Such a life is found to be self seeking and is thus detrimental to the other. Someone always needs to loose - for him to pedal up.

Life remains a burden in the absence of a personal relationship with God. Even the most cherished inter personal relationships we relish are so because of God's relationship with us. The very God-given gift inherited by all human beings is our capacity to offer ourselves as a gift (sacrifice) to the other. This very capacity is the reason why we still enjoy beautiful human relationships. There is no relationship without sacrifice. Two self-seeking persons cannot enter into a fruitful relationship. It takes at least one unselfish, benevolent person to form a promising relationship. A relationship is at its full potential when both the persons have a compelling priority to offer their lives mutually as gift and build the other.

In our relationship with God we can be certain that God's love will remain unchanging and unconditional. Since one person in this relationship is not only unselfish but also all that love can ever be, this relationship cannot fail. No man who enters into a relationship with God will be disheartened. Instead he will be dealt with utmost respect, honor and a sincere love that seeks after him to elevate him to share in the very life of God itself.

For a person who is attempting Christian life devoid of a personal relationship with God, doctrines are nothing but a bunch of man made ideas and moral teachings are but a set of rules. He seldom ceases to complain and fret over them.


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