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Sharing in the Divine life!

The consequence of original sin deprives us of the capacity to love as God loves. The lack of love within causes us to sin. Sin committed by all generations is a result of the original sin. By offering himself as a ransom Jesus paid the price for the original sin once and for all thus Jesus’ sacrifice is a valid reparation for  all sins. In baptism you and I receive the merit of Jesus’ priceless redemptive work -freely. This is called sanctifying grace. By choosing to submit their will to the source of death (satan) and rejecting God the father, the source of life, our first parents deprived themselves of the divine life they shared with God. This resulted in a wound (vacuum) deep within that kept humanity enslaved to sin. We too have inherited this woundedness and are thus inclined to sin. Today you and I who are baptized have the sanctifying grace unless we reject it by un- repented sins. But we have a wounded heart too. Primary objective of Jesus’ incarnation was to heal the m