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Heal, Restore and Rehabilitate

Christ offers healing, restoration and rehabilitation of our body, mind and soul. He will bring it to perfection when He returns in Glory to take us home. Jesus, the Son of God, became like one of us, except in sin. He took our brokenness, sicknesses and sinfulness upon himself and gave us his perfect body in exchange. He distributes the merit of the the finished work on the cross through the sacraments, especially the Eucharist and Reconciliation - healing, restoring and rehabilitating us. Christ comes to dwell in us. And thus we can say: It’s no longer I, but Jesus who lives in me. He Heals me, Restores me and Rehabilitates me During the last supper, breaking the bread, Jesus said, this is my body given up for you, take and eat it. He did the same with his blood. Jesus reminded us that He is the bread from heaven. His is the blood that will be poured out for the remission of our sins. He chose to let his body be mutilated for our sake so that we can be healthy and free f