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My beloved so beautiful

Beloved, my journey towards the fullness of God’s glory is not a lone journey but one that I make along with you. This is how God has intended it for us. It is because we are made for each other. I long to be with you rest of my life. We can help each other especially in times of our weakness, selfishness and pride, so that we remain in God our father who has terrific plan for our future. Beloved, I will love you, respect you, defend you and serve you, donating my whole self as a gift to you, just as our God loves us, giving himself up totally for us.  We are equal before God but we are not the same. It is precisely through our differences do we complement each other. You make up for what I lack and I make up for what you lack. Beloved, it is you who complete me. And I’m happy that it is you who complete me just as God completes us. Through all this, I realize how special we are. Our Father has fashioned us in his own nature to love and to be love. I will initiate love and forgiveness