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Yoked to Jesus

“Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me; for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden light.” †  Mathew 11: 28-30  What is the labour and burden that Jesus is asking me to deal with? Perhaps I have to let go of the compulsive burden (or is it a sort of entitlement?) that my spouse and children should choose a spiritual path that I know to be right. Jesus accompanied Judas Iscariot to the very end but never deprived him of his freedom to choose his own destiny. Jesus on the other hand, uninterrupted by Judas's choice to reject him, continues to accomplish his mission. He does become a victim of Judas's betrayal but he seldom takes on the victim's identity. In divine wisdom, Jesus chooses to die in our place (and that of Judas) in a redeeming act of love. Rather than being compelled to fix those whom God has entrusted to my headship by m

Why I didn’t do it.

But primarily, the most shocking fact I would ever dare to bring to your notice would be something I would never want to tell you for the want of the desired security expected when a man explains undesirable matters to a contingent that not likely to understand the matter explained in a way it should be understood, taking into consideration; the people concerned are exposed to denial of the rights when they want it the most.

Malicious mind

Mind mulls over matters that matter to man whose maintenance measures to mere miles and miles with no smiles not even a smiley icon to mallet the smooth memories mildly down the malicious mind.

Mickey mouse

Mickey mouse’s mind is menial and full of mist in the midst of all the meningeal menace. Even the most modern members of the Macedonian motherhood mock Mickey for miming mongoose every morning. Mockery of Mickey is menially mean, a mishap and a mammoth mind game. Mind you.

A Great Thought

I thought my thoughts were what I thought while thinking about thoughts we think while thinking about thoughts.

Chatter that matter

Chatter that matter Is the patter the fatter But better is the mutter That's quieter like the butter

Gentle toddler

Twaddle of the toddler Swaddled in a mantle Coddled by the older Never he become gentle

House Mouse

In my house There is a mouse Quick and nimble Slick and simple He nibbles every pebble And garbles every rubble Such a noisy gabble He is a lot of trouble

Battle of the Beetles

Who can beat a Beetle? Can you budge him little? Though he looks so brittle Who will fight him a battle?

Cat and the Cricket

Cat and the Cricket They went to play Cricket Cat hit the cricket And said this is Cricket Cricket went wild At the Cat so mild You are like my child Yet you broke my side Cat gave cricket a biscuit The lot he bought in Muscat There were more in the basket He hid some in the pocket Cricket then flew like a rocket It was the end of the racket Good things never come in packet Never will you get them in market