Yoked to Jesus

“Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me; for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden light.” †  Mathew 11: 28-30  What is the labour and burden that Jesus is asking me to deal with? Perhaps I have to let go of the compulsive burden (or is it a sort of entitlement?) that my spouse and children should choose a spiritual path that I know to be right. Jesus accompanied Judas Iscariot to the very end but never deprived him of his freedom to choose his own destiny. Jesus on the other hand, uninterrupted by Judas's choice to reject him, continues to accomplish his mission. He does become a victim of Judas's betrayal but he seldom takes on the victim's identity. In divine wisdom, Jesus chooses to die in our place (and that of Judas) in a redeeming act of love. Rather than being compelled to fix those whom God has entrusted to my headship by m

My beloved so beautiful

Beloved, my journey towards the fullness of God’s glory is not a lone journey but one that I make along with you. This is how God has intended it for us. It is because we are made for each other. I long to be with you rest of my life. We can help each other especially in times of our weakness, selfishness and pride, so that we remain in God our father who has terrific plan for our future. Beloved, I will love you, respect you, defend you and serve you, donating my whole self as a gift to you, just as our God loves us, giving himself up totally for us. 

We are equal before God but we are not the same. It is precisely through our differences do we complement each other. You make up for what I lack and I make up for what you lack. Beloved, it is you who complete me. And I’m happy that it is you who complete me just as God completes us. Through all this, I realize how special we are. Our Father has fashioned us in his own nature to love and to be love.

I will initiate love and forgiveness to you 24/7 because you are my beloved. It is you my love who sincerely receives all the love I initiate, nourish it and gives forth. It is together that we become fruitful. My true joy is in being totally yours. when you love me I come to realize how great and precious I’m. In your love, I’m able to grasp all the more deeper, the length and breadth of God’s love. I rejoice and thank God for you. How great a gift you are to me. Beloved, I long to be with you rest of my life.

I’m your head but what is the head without the rest of body. Do I have any life without you? It is you who complete me. 

You are so beautiful. You are pleasing to my yes. Everything you have is beautiful. They draw me deeper into you. I’m intoxicated by your love. Sisters, do not arouse my love before my time has come. She deserves me totally. I’m hers and hers only.

Beloved nothing can increase or decrease your love. You are perfect just the way you are. No perfume could make you more worthy or any elegant costume make you any more elegant than you already are. No cosmetics can add to your beauty because you are already beautiful in my eyes. And no one will ever be as beautiful as you in my eyes.

You are my Glory. I’m so proud to walk along side you. You make me worth more. I thank the great hand that fashioned you bone of my bones, flesh of my flesh. At last I have found you.  I will give the world for you for you are precious in my eyes. Let your love transform me oh love so pure. All I need from you is you. 

Beloved, let us offer our bodies to God as a pleasing offering, holy and acceptable to Him and this is our true worship. May He grant us children according to his will. We will forever remain faithful stewards of this precious gift of life.  My love, oh so beautiful, my heart is ready and is willing… 

The voice of my beloved! Behold, he comes, leaping over the mountains, bounding over the hills. Song of songs 2:8

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