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God's sovereignty

My children cry persistently for no visible reason some nights. After all attempts to pacify them, I turn to God asking Him to intervene, seeking protection, praying deliverances and covering them with the precious blood. It happened a few times, the situation remained the same even after all this. I remember in two occasions, in desperation,  I yelled out to Jesus “why do you remain unmoved. Have you not anything to do?”

Yesterday Lord allowed me to face frustration throughout the day. At home, my wife faced a share of it too by the way of unusually cranky children. It continued into the night. My one year old continued to cry for a long time waking the other children and then what followed was a total chaos. My wife lost her temper. But unlike the other times, I remained patient, being sensitive to what He is trying to teach me.
I carried my little one off to the next room and felt persuaded to read the scriptures. I opened to the book of Daniel. It was Kings Nebuchadnezzar’s second …