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We must move on

Though the work of making us holy is entirely God's, He wouldn't do it with out our "co-operation". What does it mean to co-operate with God?. The cooperation progresses from our sincere and ardent desire to be restored into the image and likeness God originally created us to be. Faith in Jesus Christ, the son of God who was sent to redeem us is fundamental. Prayer is a relationship we develop with God. We come to know God through prayer. Prayer dilates our shrunken hearts and makes it more and more capable of knowing God. But at this point, something that surprises us is that we continue to fall in sin despite this growing relationship with God. And then we sadly realize we have a sinful nature. Concupiscence stares at us with fiery eyes and chuckles. There is this temptation is give up or to live with it. We attempt to develop a theory that allows sin and holiness to dwell together as brothers. If you are you here, we must move on. We are constantly awakened by

Pierce my heart with your love

Lord the lover of my soul, pierce my heart with thy wondrous love. Let thy love burst open my heart and drain all that is bitter within. Let thy love, the pure honey from the rock never cease to nourish it. Oh sweet Divine love, how you love me. My garden is in full bloom. Come sweet fragrance,  let thy love penetrate me, impregnate me.  Love sweet Divine come. Come and consume me like a wild fire. Let thy joy within me grow. Oh, magnificent lion of Judah, let thy strong paws rest on my shoulders. Let all my fear subside. Let thy breeze gently blow into my innermost being, freeing me from the complexities I have created for myself. Oh how much I'm loved by you my God, my father. In your bosom I lie. As my eyes grow heavy and droop, I know I'm loved. I hear you whisper in my ears "You are my beloved".