The mystery of suffering

Suffering is the consequence of sin. World cannot escape it. And it has never been able to come to terms with it, on its own. The temptation has always been is to run away, resist and brood over it. But our attempts were in vain. As sin increased, suffering, injustice and violence increased in the world. Humanity was crushed in the mess of its own making. But God did not abandon the us. The merciful Father sent his only Son to save us. He became a ransom for our sin and gave human suffering a new meaning and a new dimension. Thus we have a model before us. It is the model Jesus unboxed. Now in Jesus, suffering takes on a new meaning and a new dimension. Our suffering is no longer in vain. It now has the power to discipline us, sanctify us and save our souls. What was the Jesus model of coping with suffering? Did Jesus chase suffering away or vanquished it? No. Instead He plunged right into the midst of the very sin, injustice, and violence that humanity suffered. Though he was without

The epidemic of pornography

Pornography is silently destroying the lives of boys and girls, adults and the middle aged alike. It has successfully dismantled marriages and pulled apart families. It is corrupting priests and seminarians. It is making entry ways into convents and communities. It is invading every strata of human presence. Let us call spade a spade - Pornography is a disastrous epidemic of epic proportions. What do we do about it? How do we protect ourselves and our young? How do we heal and restore those who are harmed by it. How to educate people about this intrinsically evil epidemic. How to empower them to willfully reject it? In the divine design, man and women would enter into the sacred sexual union in the sacramental framework of marriage, fully prepared to become a gift to each other and become parents of the children their union begets, assuming responsibility, accepting hardships and challenges. This valiant marital commitment gave them meaning and purpose to their lives. 

The Second Honeymoon

You have entered into your married life with lots of colourful dreams, hoping for a lifetime of unending bliss. But things aren't the way you imagined. Hope is faded, dreams turned pale and the basket is lost somewhere in the attic. You are pulling on, hoping someday at least your kids will grow up and fulfil some of your left over dreams. Or you are secretly married your work, hobbies or business craving some fulfilment. You feel your partner is partly if not fully responsible for this situation. You feel you married the wrong person. There is a big vacuum within and you are tired of pretending.  Life has been unfair to you and you want to quit. You feel you deserve more. Yes you do. Is it possible to restore your marriage? Answer is a resounding yes! Because the success of marriage does not depend on the goodness of the individuals involved.  "What is impossible for man is possible for God"  Luke 18:27 Marriage is not a human arrangement but God's own idea. G

The glorious Trio

The mystery of the holy Trinity is fundamental to christian faith. The pattern of the life of a Christian is derived from the pattern of the life of the trinity because we are Gods children and are created in his image. The understanding of the Trinity will deeply enlighten our minds especially in understanding the many facets of our faith. When a Christian refers to God he is referring to a communion of three distinct persons, In other words an indivisible union of three persons - the Father, Son and the Holy Spirt. The Father is eternal without a beginning, existed eternally and is without end. Father's knowledge, expression, words are also thus eternal and it is person whom we call the Son. Son is thus uncreated, begotten by the father. As light source and the light itself cannot be separated, father and son exists together in a self donating, all giving, relationship and this relationship or the love between them is the third distinct person whom we call the Holy Spirit.

I never knew you

Prophesying, casting out demons and working miracles are signs of a true Christian. Jesus said these signs will follow those who believe (Mark 16:17-18). Yet in Mathew 7:22-23, we confront an angry, unruly Jesus who declares to the many believers who performed these signs in His name “I never knew you; depart from me evil doers”. They were denied entry into his kingdom despite the signs that followed their ministry. Two questions arise here; first, why did Jesus say that He did not know these men when the truth is that God is all knowing? Second, why did Jesus not permit them into His kingdom even though their ministry was accompanied by these signs? Did not Jesus know anything about these men? Off-course he did. In fact Jesus knew everything about them and that is precisely why He declares “I never knew you". To enter heaven we should be known by Jesus. Here the word ‘knowing’ does not mean just an awareness or knowledge rather a higher level of relationship. It po

Plunging into the unknown

What if the Aston Martin Vantage GT12 is convinced that it is just a pull cart and lives like one, never knowing its power or potential. As a larva that does not know the fascinating butterfly it will soon become, man also does not know his own greatness or what he is destined to become. He lives in ignorance of what he is actually capable of. All that he is able to think up with his so called advanced intellect is so limited. It seldom measure up to the reality of who he really is or what he is capable of. Man can only find himself fully in God - his creator. Man does not become great by addition but by subtraction. Man tries to become great by adding to him degrees, possessions, wealth, health, superficial beauty, name, fame etc. He thinks he is the sum total of the value of all that he processes. He becomes great by letting go... His greatness lies within himself. Because he isn't humble enough to look upto God, he fails look into himself and find the treasure. Godles

Six lane highways are not for all

Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it. Mathew 7:14 Those who have not submitted themselves under the authority of the Gospel is not guided by the Truth but are tossed around by their own decietful desires. Such are faced with unlimited options as far the direction of their life's journey is concerned. They are guided by too many dim and dull lights. Everywhere there are mega offers and jackpots to entice the pleasure seeker. Their journey is wayward and aimless. They sway in all directions like drunkards. Their road thus is wide and entrance is wider. They will not reach any destination for they have none. The road they traverse is illusory and deceptive. They are trapped and are headed to eternal nothingness. No passengers in this extra wide highway care about each other. They are utterly selfish and