Fragmented and fragile

Fragmented and fragile I’m, that I willingly forfeit the joy of thy presence for cheap pleasure. I savour from your table all the day and quietly sneak out to devourer the rubbish as if it is a delicacy, until I’m done with it. Then I find myself far away, swept into a hostile world. My integrity, faithfulness and even existence, sinisterly questioned. I feel ashamed.

The voices around me say “Stay here, we will give your unworthiness, company.

I either am sipping from the malicious chalice of unrealistic pleasure or staring at it fearfully. In both the cases, this vicious chalice is my preoccupation. Deep down I long for it. The Truth fades to oblivion; knowledge takes a nap because I let them do.

Truth aglow, knowledge ushers in. I see what is happening to me as if I were outside of me. The sweetness of your love enthrall my inside yet again.

I can walk into your presence without a veil. You receive me with acceptance unconditional. Here I get up and walk.  The voices, still be heard, yet I walk. Discomfort and unworthiness still around, yet I walk. Oh the renewing presence, it embraces me...


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