Faith is not knowledge!

Faith is not the human act of merely consenting to theological knowldge but it is the divine act of submitting both our Intellect and Will to God's revelation. If the Intellect alone is employed, knowledge remains simply as true and good life-giving information. It does not transform our life nor does it give life. Faith without action is dead. Jam 2:26 Will is the faculty of the soul which seeks to love that which is known. And 'loving' is not simply liking the information but the act of becoming what we have come to know. In other words loving is to freely act upon the information in such a way that knowledge becomes a living experience. If I come to know that in order to sustain my life I must drink water and if I do not act on this information and drink water, this knowledge does not do me any good.  In order for my faith to be active and alive, my Will has to be in harmony with the Intellect. It also means both my Intellect and Will should be surrendered to God. The di

Fragmented and fragile

Fragmented and fragile I’m, that I willingly forfeit the joy of thy presence for cheap pleasure. I savour from your table all the day and quietly sneak out to devourer the rubbish as if it is a delicacy, until I’m done with it. Then I find myself far away, swept into a hostile world. My integrity, faithfulness and even existence, sinisterly questioned. I feel ashamed.

The voices around me say “Stay here, we will give your unworthiness, company.

I either am sipping from the malicious chalice of unrealistic pleasure or staring at it fearfully. In both the cases, this vicious chalice is my preoccupation. Deep down I long for it. The Truth fades to oblivion; knowledge takes a nap because I let them do.

Truth aglow, knowledge ushers in. I see what is happening to me as if I were outside of me. The sweetness of your love enthrall my inside yet again.

I can walk into your presence without a veil. You receive me with acceptance unconditional. Here I get up and walk.  The voices, still be heard, yet I walk. Discomfort and unworthiness still around, yet I walk. Oh the renewing presence, it embraces me...


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