Faith is not knowledge!

Faith is not the human act of merely consenting to theological knowldge but it is the divine act of submitting both our Intellect and Will to God's revelation. If the Intellect alone is employed, knowledge remains simply as true and good life-giving information. It does not transform our life nor does it give life. Faith without action is dead. Jam 2:26 Will is the faculty of the soul which seeks to love that which is known. And 'loving' is not simply liking the information but the act of becoming what we have come to know. In other words loving is to freely act upon the information in such a way that knowledge becomes a living experience. If I come to know that in order to sustain my life I must drink water and if I do not act on this information and drink water, this knowledge does not do me any good.  In order for my faith to be active and alive, my Will has to be in harmony with the Intellect. It also means both my Intellect and Will should be surrendered to God. The di

Authority of Perfect Love

God our father has authored our lives in perfect love and that's why He has authority over us. God created us not out of necessity but out of love. He created us so that we might be like Him. We are created in God's own image that is "perfect love".

God's authority is the result of His love for us. Because His authority is founded on perfect love, it does not insist to assert His own will upon us. It instead upholds and respects our freedom to choose. His authority wants us to make our choices in perfect freedom. His loving authority desires to perfect us even when we reject His perfect love and choose evil. We see this love at work in the self gift of Jesus on the cross and His resurrection restoring for us what we lost due to our disobedience.

In lieu of the perfect reparation Christ accomplished on the cross He gave us His authority by commanding us to love as He loves us. This is why the authority that God grants us as husbands, parents, administrators, managers etc ought to image the nature of God's authority.

It is by our total submission to Christ that we receive His authority. Perfect submission to Christ is our response to His perfect love. In perfect submission to Christ we receive the nature of God. God's authority over us is the model for a husband's authority over his wife. Our submission to Christ's authority images wife's submission to her husband who loves her like Christ does. When the authority is sought from Christ and is executed in any vocation of life, the nature of that authority will be one of self giving love. No one feels utilized.

All conflicts arise because we assume authority without submitting to Christ's perfect love. There is no fear or insecurity in perfect love. When we do not love as Christ loves we are succumbing to fear and insecurity which leads us to extort the other in pretext of filling up what we feel is lacking in us.

Perfect submission to God's authority leads us to Perfect knowledge [this knowledge is experienced in a relationship with Christ]. Perfect knowledge perfects our love, Perfect love leads to perfect authority. Perfect authority is the character of the kingdom God has restored for us.


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