Have something to die for

Let there be men who would give up their lives to defend the dignity of woman, no matter who she is. This statement might sound too stupid and you want to say "life is worth more than that!". Then, let me ask, have you anything that's worth dying for?

In our days we do not hold any values or virtues so close to our heart that we consider death than compromising it. Our ideologies have undergone a dramatic change. No one is willing to give up life but wants to preserve it by any means - to make it big in life. The "other person" does not matter any longer. All that matters is I, me, myself.

In the past, People have given up lives, choosing not to say a lie. Bodies have been brutally mutilated because they refused compromise on their values. Men have given up lives defending the dignity of woman. Woman have laid down their lives for their men and children. Many have chosen to die rather than defiling their innocence and having to live in sin.

Who dares to take an uncompromising stand for truth, integrity and honesty at the cost loosing our lives?. Any one?

It's because we have lost our faith and hope in the glorious eternal life which begins after a virtuous life on earth. It is because we have lost our faith  in the kingdom, Jesus came to establish among his children. We have all become selfish. We have shown God and his Truth, the exit. We have elevated material things and success to where God is. It is considered weakness if one chooses to surrender his life to God.

Love is not a feeling. Instead it is the well resolved act of self donation expecting nothing in return. The one who loves acts on behalf of the loving God whose hands and feet we become-to serve.

Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. [Mat 10:19]


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