Speaking lies with our bodies

Our bodies are created to express and communicate God's very nature. The original language of the human body is to be a "self gift" to the other. When our bodies conduct itself in a way that is contrary to God's love, it violates it's own integrity and speak lies.

The message, our bodies communicate in the nuptial union between man and woman is "I give myself to you freely, totally, faithfully and fruitfully". But if the union is out side of marriage, the act is incapable of fulfilling these demands and thus their bodies lie to one another. Even within marital relationship when couple use each other for the gratification of their own lustful desires, they speak a lie with their bodies.

In sexual union, when the couple, by way of contraception, reject the gift of life - the very reward God grants them for participating in his divine life, they lie with their bodies and declare that God's love is not life giving or fruitful. When Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss, his body seemed acting in charity but within his heart was malice and greed and thus spoke lies with his body. When a man looks at a woman with lust, he speak lies with his body. The original nature of our body is to recognize woman as a person to be respected and honoured and to give her the dignity she deserves as a sister.

Our bodies are redeemed and made capable of speaking the truth by the self donating love of Jesus, the son of God on the cross. He has overcome the oppression that make us blatantly lie with our bodies. Therefore let us consciously and willingly conduct ourselves in such a way that our bodies do what it is originally capable of, trusting in the liberating power of redemption Jesus. Let our bodies speak lies no more.


  1. Its a unique knowledge that just pricked my head... A TRUTHFUL BODY...


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