Faith is not knowledge!

Faith is not the human act of merely consenting to theological knowldge but it is the divine act of submitting both our Intellect and Will to God's revelation. If the Intellect alone is employed, knowledge remains simply as true and good life-giving information. It does not transform our life nor does it give life. Faith without action is dead. Jam 2:26 Will is the faculty of the soul which seeks to love that which is known. And 'loving' is not simply liking the information but the act of becoming what we have come to know. In other words loving is to freely act upon the information in such a way that knowledge becomes a living experience. If I come to know that in order to sustain my life I must drink water and if I do not act on this information and drink water, this knowledge does not do me any good.  In order for my faith to be active and alive, my Will has to be in harmony with the Intellect. It also means both my Intellect and Will should be surrendered to God. The di

Among many But alone!

Jesus was in the midst of many but alone. He wanted everyone but everyone wanted only what He had to offer - not Him. Betrayed and estranged by the closest of His friends, He was always alone.

Is our story any different?  Jesus, moments before his crucifixion, foretold  "For if this is what is done to green wood, what will be done when the wood is dry?". [Luke 23:31]. He also said "Then you will be handed over to be tortured and put to death; and you will be hated by all nations on account of my name." He continued "but anyone who stands firm to the end will be saved."

We realize that people around us need us but as you and I we only have Jesus to depend on. When we are betrayed, estranged and are taken advantage of, we know He is there. We do struggle to fix our eyes firmly on Him, stand back up again and continue to climb the mountain that Jesus also tread shouldering the heavy cross.

Who else can we go to? Where else will our solace come from? No one else has the light, but You oh Lord. Though You seem distant yet so close. We too are among many but alone. Alone but with YOU.


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