The poor in spirit is pure in spirit

The poor in spirit are pure in spirit.  They belong in the kingdom of God. Worry and anxiety does not hinder their vision. They see God face to face.

Poverty is a blessed prerequisite to the kingdom of God. But in todays materialistic world poverty is branded as backward and undesirable. The very first beatitude underlines "blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the the kingdom of God. [Mathew 5:3]

If you want to know how poor you are in spirit, check how peaceful you are within. Worry and anxiety about the things of this world are signs of pride and lack of trust in God.

We are slaves of our own desires. These desires dominate us and blinds our vision. But if our will rises above them, we will have clear dominion over them and experience the fulfilment of all our desires in union with Christ. When our soul is able to see the face of God, It can do wonders with our bodies. When our Body submits itself totally to the soul aligning itself to the will of God, we experience divine life.

The super abundant life Jesus offers is lived out only when one attains an interior detachment to material, emotional and physical pleasures. The enticing offers of the world leave us empty and wanting for more.  Attachment to divine love fulfils all human desires to utmost satisfaction. He who finds his fulfilment in Christ needs no more.

Internal poverty helps us fight our lethargic nature. It makes us more sensitive to the needs of others. Internal detachment from worldly things frees the human heart for attachment to heavenly things

Poverty was not to be found in heaven ...Therefore the Son of God, longing after it, came down from heaven to choose it for Himself, and to make it precious to us [St. Bernard].

Poverty is good and contains within itself all the good things in the world. It is a great domain. I mean that he who cares for nothing for the good things of this world has dominion over them all" [St. Teresa of Avila].


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