Sin to Glory

We often think that the way to be saved is by applying the salvation that Christ wrought for us on the cross on to our lives through an act of faith. 

Christ should not be seen merely as the supplier of salvation but as 'salvation itself'. We are saved not by applying or believing some magical formula but by uniting ourselves; body, mind and soul to the person of Christ, in an act of unconditional gift of self. And as Christ rose into freedom and glory so will we also, from insanity to sanity, depravity to sanctity, sin to glory. 

Stare not into your own wretchedness and be discouraged. Fix your gaze upon Christ and be united to Him at all times, especially when we wallow in sin.

St. Athanasius of Alexandria said "What has not been assumed has not been redeemed". Let Christ assume every bit of our unworthiness so we can partake in the redemption He ushers us into. 

Photo by OPPO on Unsplash


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